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Clinical Operations & Monitoring

At R&G we believe that Quality and Service come hand-in-hand and are of equal importance. Clinical studies can span for many years, not only is it important for our clients to receive a top quality result at the end, it is also important for our actual clients to receive a quality service from start to finish.

At R&G we sell peace of mind. When working with our team you will be provided with a Project Manager that has the experience and capability to take charge of your study, to lead your study to success through the entire process – and not just sit back and wait for your instructions. We are thinking independently, we are professional service providers. We believe in being proactive when it comes to risk management, transparent and fast when it comes to issue management and self-aware when it comes to learning from the lessons that are inevitably taught during the conduct of any clinical trial.

Our Clinical Operation team spans the whole of China providing easy access to the majority of NMPA accredited Sites, helping lower Pass Through Fees, increase efficiency, ease communication with Site personnel and provide immediate access for the resolution of urgent issues.

Over the years our team has established healthy working relationships with the majority of the key institutes and Investigators in China, across a wide range of Therapeutic Areas. As a result we are in a unique position to provide extensive insight when identifying Sites and Investigators and can help expedite Study Initiation significantly.

Our Clinical Operation Services Include:

  • Clinical Trial Consultation
  • Feasibility and Site and Investigator Identification
  • IRB Submissions
  • Site Initiation
  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Site Close-Out
  • Project Management

Please contact us for additional information on how our Clinical Operation team can offer you the same peace of mind our clients have experienced in the past.

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