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Site Management

China is well-known for its access to diverse patient populations and fast recruitment rates, making it a very attractive market for healthcare companies to target, and location for Regional and Global clinical trials alike. This can arguably be accredited to China’s massive population and how it is concentrated in certain regions across the country, however, it is important to remember the burden felt by institutes as a result. Hospitals in China are overrun with patients, especially those key institutes where it is not rare for patients to have an average of less than 5 minutes with their doctor per visit and for certain departments to see thousands of patients per day. For doctors taking part in clinical trials the additional workload can be unbearable, resulting in even less time for them to focus on their patients and extended trial timelines. And thus, the Site Management Organization (SMO) was born.

An SMO provides Investigators with a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), located on-Site, whose job it is to reduce the administrative burden of the Investigator so that they may focus their attention on their patients. A CRC can help with:

  • Site Initiation
  • IRB Submission and Follow-Up
  • Patient Referral and Recruitment
  • Patient Visit Management
  • Investigator Site Filing Support
  • Source Document Management
  • Entering Data to Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • IP Management
  • Coordinating Lab Related Work
  • Trial Supply Management
  • Support Monitoring Visits
  • Site Close-Out

SMS ClinicalStudies (SMS) is a full-owned subsidiary of R&G and provides best-in-class SMO services in China. Our CRC team spans the whole of China providing easy access to the majority of NMPA accredited Sites, helping lower Pass Through Fees (PTF), increase efficiency, ease communication with Site personnel and provide immediate access for the resolution of urgent issues.

Please contact us for additional information on how SMS can help you expedite timelines, improve Site data quality and keep your Investigators motivated.

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